Mark David

Mark David

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First Name * Mark
Last Name * David
Username * mdavid
Country * Australia
Nationality Australian
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


Born in Melbourne, Australia but I grew up in Sydney. Despite selecting the option for 'male' in my 'gender category in this profile for some reason it lists my gender as 'null', which is a bit of a worry. But it really is male.

I worked for 10 years as a cartoonist, author and illustrator before the lure of computers drew me into cg. I now spend some days helping to make newspapers at [I]The Australian[/I], and when not doing that waste far too much time exploring 3D.

As a cartoonist and illustrator my work has been published in lots of places, including [I]The Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald, Australian Women's Weekly, Reader's Digest, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, The Bulletin[/I] and [I]Penthouse[/I], and has also been syndicated internationally, being translated into several languages and appearing in many countries and more than a hundred books. My cartooning has won major awards and I've also been a judge of major cartooning awards (not the awards that I won). More than 10,000 of my cartoons were published so you can perhaps forgive me if I don't remember them all.

I like nature and science stuff a lot and I like bushwalking. No really. Everyone says they like bushwalking but I actually do. While bushwalking I seem to be incapable of walking past a critter without photographing it, but that's something I'm working on. I'm convinced that people need nature more than nature needs people.

I like Cinema 4D, Photoshop and vanilla slices.


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